A short family history

A short family history :
In 1867 Nils Eriksen, living at Finnes in Hjørundfjord married Ragnhild Marta Pedersdatter from the place Rørstad also in HjørundfjordNils had an older brother, Peder, who was to take over the farm at Finnes.  As the area at Hjørundfjord did not have many opportunities for work outside farming, this young couple did as many others at that time, they left  their home area in order to make a better future somewhere else.    
Those who left the smaller village areas at that time, settled mostly in the costal area around Aalesund, but some made it further - even all the way to USA.  All  left home with the hope of a better future somewhere else.
Nils and Ragnhild went to the Aalesund area (named Borgund at that time), as Nils`s sister and her husband had done a few years earlier. After some years Nils and Ragnhild were able to buy a small farm at a place called Larsgaarden, in 1875. You can see a painting of the farm, made sometime around 1930 -50  on the front  page.   Nils and Ragnhild lived in the small old house, the other was built around 1908-1910 by their oldest son Edvard.
The farm was small, but a kind of an average size in the area, a typical "fisherman`s farm".   The name "fisherman`s farm" tells that the farmers used to go fishing, specially during wintertime as one could not make a living for a family from the farm alone.  This also left the daily care for the cattle and farmwork to wife and children during much of the year.  In addition to the opportunity of fishing,great grandfather Nils  also had a government permit for  slaughtering. ( see above) .  
Nils and Ragnhild had 10 children.  One of them, Nils Rangvald Peder, died just one day old. The record tells that he was baptized at home.  Two of them, Gyda and Andreas died young without getting married.  Ragna and Anna stayed on at home, living together in the old house all their life without marrying.  
Four of the children: Peder,  Bernt, Inga and Birgitte went to USA and settled at Pequaming.  Even though Peder returned to Norway in 1912, it shows that  most of this  family ended up in USA.
It was the eldest son Edvard, who was to take over the farm at Larsgården.  Edvard had become  captain of a fishing boat and settled with his family near the town center.   But when my great grandfather, Nils Eriksen died in 1906, Edvard moved home to take care of the farm.  But after some time he was hit by an accident on the boat he was sailing and had his right hand was hurt  in such a way that it set an end  to both sailing and farming.
My great grandmother Ragnhild now sendt for the next son in line, Peder, to come home and take responsibility for farm and family.
That is why Peder and his family left Pequaming in 1912 while Bernt, Inga and Birgitte stayed on.
In 1914 the farm was officially transferred from my great grandmother Ragnhild to my grandfather Peder ( see above) and then in 1956 from my grandfather Peder to my father  Nils.  
Bernt, Inga and Peder all came to USA with the family name Nilsen /Nelson as their father was named Nils.  But around 1900 the system concerning family names  in Norway did change,  from now on one could take the name of the place you lived at as your familyname.  That is why the people back home changed from "Nilsen"  to Larsgaard/Larsgård  while the "americans" kept "Nilsen". In Bernt`s line you still find the Nilsen name .  Birgitte who did not leave home until 1910,  had at that time taken "Larsgaard" as her surname, and she also passed that to her children, as you can see from the headstones at LÀnse cemetery. 
Bernt, Inga and Birgitte lived with their families in the Pequaming /LÀnse area for the whole of their lives.  Bernt and Inga are buried at Pequaming cemetery with their spouses, while Birgitte`s grave is in L`Anse.
Bernt married Ragnhild Aune and they had three children, Nils Emil, Arnt and Theodor.
Inga married  Lauritz Larsen ( Valldal Norway) and they had one child: Corrie.  
Birgitte was married to Peter Lauritzen ( Svinoy/ Norway) and they had two children: Paul and Rachel.  
Peder married Sofie Nørve and they har three children :Jørgine Anna, Ragnhild Gyda  and Nils Andreas
Edvard married Helene Andersdatter. and they had five children Ragnhild, Borghild, Hennie Kari,  Nils Elias and Gyda.